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     Feb 15 2017
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    "In '75, I bought a used Jetglo Ric bass. An EB3 pickup was cobbled into the neck position. The route into the body was so deep that the neck eventually broke away from the body. Being young, adventurous, creative and whatever, I decided to do my own thing. In '78 I created a new body using shapes from Fender, Gibson as well as Rickenbacker. I put the EB3 pickup in the bridge position, added an extra fret with a chunk of brass tapped out to hold the neck on with a single bolt. Yes, it's too bad about the old bass, but someone else did make the first mistake. So, no regrets, it's an interesting piece of my life, and has served me well on many gigs."
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    Rickenbacker 4000/4 Mod, Mapleglo: Full Instrument - Front Rickenbacker 4000/4 Mod, Mapleglo: Neck - Rear Rickenbacker 4000/4 Mod, Mapleglo: Close up - Free
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