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     Transonic 200 Head
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     Led Zeppelin
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     Mar 22 2017
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     New York
  •  Lefty
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     If this article is correct this amp was one of two that Jimmy Page used on the 1968 tour and which he left with Rickenbacker at the end of the tour.

    According to this article the two ex-Jimmy Page amps were bought from Rickenbacker by Tom Petersson of Cheap Trick; http://jzu.free.fr/rick/amp/transonic.html

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    Rickenbacker Transonic 200 Head/amp , Black: Full Instrument - Front Rickenbacker Transonic 200 Head/amp , Black: Close up - Free Rickenbacker Transonic 200 Head/amp , Black: Close up - Free2
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  •   This item was identified as a Early vintage (up to and including 1972) instrument
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