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     Combo SPC
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     Jan 11 2020
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     Reputed to be seen at 2006 Dallas guitar show; represented as similar to SN C8148 in appearance and features except for “extra trim,” which could refer to bound body and Autumnglo finish color; appears to be one of approximately 5 examples made for a trade show with combo-style solid butcherblock body with German carve on front, Capri style 3-piece glued-in neck (tenon showing on back) and toaster pickups in bridge and neck positions; similar example appears in Jerry Byrd photo on page 64 of Smith book. Categorized as "850 Combo SPC" because the earlier "horseshoe" bridge pickup 850 models were dual-coil with two switches; this model has a single coil toaster in bridge position. Could also be properly categorized as a 650 Combo SPC as "650" is hand written in pencil under the truss rod cover.
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    Rickenbacker 850/6 Combo SPC, Autumnglo: Body - Front Rickenbacker 850/6 Combo SPC, Autumnglo: Full Instrument - Front
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