WARNING: Item is reported to be stolen!!!

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     Slant Fret
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     Jan 05 2009
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     This may be shot, but my Rick 481 was stolen from my home in Galesburg IL by burglars May 2005. At the time everything was stock and it was (of course) in a Rickenbacker HSC. With the web, I've searched in vain for one coming up at auction or sale, but have struck out to date. Any help or leads welcome. Best, Ken
    weidner at sju.edu
     Item is reported to be stolen!!!
  •   This item was identified as a Late vintage (1973 up to and including 1983) instrument
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      *Basis for comparison: Same model, same strings number, same "special" features, same era

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      Same model, same era:   $1345  $2219  $2200  $3583  35

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