4003S/5 Bass Portraits

4003S/5 Basses courtesy of Greg Shadoan

Greg Shadoan's Comments:
The 4003/5 Red was crafted in 1990 and purchased from Thombstone Music in 1995 for $950 US. The 4003/5 Jetglo was made in 1986 and given to me by Jack Blades in 1992 as a Christmas gift. Jack had the Rick at home for many years and apparently it was used on a Journey recording. The Jetglo has a great sound and I do not like to take it out on gigs so I bought the red one for shows. The low B string on the Jetglo is rock solid. Using all Ampeg bass amps, it rattles any room. It also has an awesome E string sound that reverberates like a piano. Very cool! See a picture of Jack and Greg below.

Jack Blades Jammin' with Greg Shadoan
Photo courtesy of Greg Shadoan

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