Brian Jones: Part One

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"Get Off Of My Cloud"
The Rolling Stones' Brian Jones in 1965
on "Ready Steady Go" with 1993/12 Fireglo

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Brian Jones in 1965 with 360/12 Fireglo
and heard on "Blue Turns To Grey"

Brian Jones and Rickenbackers

The studio photo first appeared in the "Big Hits" LP which was released on April 1,1966. I know of no photos of Brian with Ricks prior to the Decembers Children tour of Nov-Dec 1965. They did some recording at RCA studios during there final days of the tour while in Los Angeles which was basically the first sessions for 19th Nervous Breakdown single and Aftermath LP. There is a photo in the Jan 08,1966 issue of KRLA Beat Paper with Brian playing a 360/12 from the 1965 LA show. It has an R tailpeice with the cats eye sound hole and dot inlays. This is the earliest photo I have seen. In the book "a life on the road" on page 69 there is a photo of him playing a 360/12 (probably the same one on "Big Hits") from April 06,1967 in Rome. There are actually a few songs during this tour (his last) that he could be playing 12 string on. -Kimble

Brian Jones: Part Two

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