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Closeup of Bright Eyes
Photo courtesy of Aaron Woolsey

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Bright Eyes singing "You Can't Do That"
Photo Permission of Aaron Woolsey

A Few Words About Bright Eyes:

Bright Eyes has been interested in Rickenbackers for sometime now. According to his owner, Aaron Woolsey, "Bright Eyes is a Lilac Crowned Amazon Parrot. He only knows the intro to "You Can't Do That", but generally he likes to listen rather that play. Around the house Bright Eyes is simply known as "B.E." or "Bry-Bry". He's 3 years old. I'll try to send you more pics every month or so. By the way, his full name is "Bright Eyes Benvolio Antonio Banderas Woolsey." In addition to the Beatles, "Free As A Bird," he also enjoys "Byrds" and seems to have a fondness for "Set You Free This Time" and "Eight Miles High." He is fairly easy going and is seldom "Petty" with the exception of his preoccupation with "Learning to Fly". Please welcome "Bright Eyes" the Rickenbacker Registration Page's Mascot.

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Vox Goes Bright Eyes
Photo courtesy of Aaron Woolsey

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