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"Endless Love"
1993 350 Liverpool Mapleglo
Photo courtesy of Peter McCormack

Rickenbacker Database Notes:

The following page allows you to select from a number of available data analyses that have been conducted on the registrations of Rickenbacker instruments up until the present time. This is a labour intensive endeavour and there are many other analyses currently in the works. The Rickenbacker Registration Page is waiting for sample sizes to increase to the point where a meaningful analysis can be conducted. Suggestions for further analyses are always welcome.

Available Analyses

Amplifier Registry

Canadian Provinces Analysis

Carl Wilson Data

Chris Squire Data

Detailed Registry

Finish Analysis

John Kay Data


John Lennon Data

Models Analysis

Pete Townshend Data

Roger McGuinn Data

Roger McGuinn Analysis

S Models

Serial Number Analysis

Susanna Hoffs Data

Tom Petty Data

Type/Decade Analysis

United States Analysis

Vintage Reissues Data

Worldwide Analysis

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