James Roger McGuinn

          While George Harrison brought attention
to the Rickenbacker twelve string, James Roger
put it on the map.
Rickenbacker, Richard R. Smith, page 84

1964 Rick as a 370/12Byrd

1964 Rick as a 370/12Byrd
McGuinn onstage with The Byrds
Unknown location - ca. March 1966
Guitar currently on display at the Experience Music
in Seattle, Washington.   Front | Back | Info

"Electric 12-String Holy Grail"

1965 Rickenbacker 370/12Byrd
McGuinn onstage with The Byrds
The Village Gate, NYC, NY - October 1966
Image of this guitar currently on display with the 1964 Byrds Rick and a
photo of George Harrison's 1963 Rick 12 at the Experience Music Project.
Image | Info | Audio

1970 'Hall of Fame' Rickenbacker 370/12

1970 Rickenbacker 370/12
McGuinn onstage with The Byrds
Richmond, VA - Sun Dec 12 1971
Photo courtesy of Jim Walker
Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Guitar

Recollections of Jim Walker

Just a note of interest on the above photo credited to me: That was probably the wildest and most dangerous concert I ever went to. It was at The Arena in Richmond VA and the crowd was drunk, stoned, and disorderly. There were empty wine bottles flying through the air. A lot of people were injured that night. I am still surprised that the Byrds played for the entire evening.

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