Other Ricks McGuinn Has Played

Electro-Spanish Model

McGuinn with Electro Spanish Model

Model 6000 Bantar

McGuinn with Rickenbacker Bantar and Byrds in 1968
Back L to R: Drummer Kevin Kelley & vocalist Gram Parsons
Front L to R: Bassist Chris Hillman &

From Rickenbacker, by Richard R. Smith, page 187

Model 6000 -- The company introduced the Bantar in the summer of 1966. The Bantar was an electric five string banjo with two pickups: "Half five string and half the sound of the electric guitar," according to company literature. (Four string models were available on a special order basis.) Bantars were available with a Fireglo finish or with a Mapleglo finish. They came with Deluxe features or with Standard features. Doug Dillard from the modern bluegrass group called the Dillards and Roger McGuinn of the Byrds used the Model 6000. (A curious note in the Rickenbacker Byrds file says that McGuinn used a Bantar originally given to Bob Dylan.)

McGuinn's 360/12 loaner in 1966

McGuinn's borrowed Fireglo 360/12 in 1966

Borrowed 360/12 Fireglo in 1966

McGuinn's 360/12 Fireglo loaner in 1966
after his 1964 360/12 Mapleglo went missing

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