Joy To The World - Posted December 1, 2001

A Rickenbacker Treasure

In 1991, I found a 1957 Combo 800 at a show held in Washington D.C. and it was love at first sight. The body and neck were in good condition, but had no finish. It was originally "blonde" with an alder body and maple neck. It had a two-inch thick body which, up until that time, I had never seen one except for photos in The Rickenbacker Book.

California Dreamin'

I wanted to bring "her" back to life, so just figured that the RIC factory could work a miracle. So I sent the Combo 800, including body, neck and a few pieces of hardware to the RIC factory, to have them try and bring it back to somewhat original condition. Brian Carman was the shop manager at the time. Anyway, after about 3 weeks had lapsed I received a call from Brian telling me that the refinish work went well and that it looked terrific. Brian also mentioned that the shop was very busy at the time and he did not think that they could assemble it. As luck would have it, he related that he knew of a great luthier who used to work at the factory. Following this referral I had the good fortune to become acquainted with Mark Arnquist.

Lost In Seattle

Mark Arnquist's shop, The Music Clinic, was located in Seattle. So off my Combo 800 went for assembly in late 1991. Somehow at this point I lost Mark's phone number and to add insult to injury, Brian left RIC. I could not get in touch with Mark as only Brian knew what had happened to the guitar and I could not reach him either.

The Rickenbacker Forum

A decade later, I spotted Mark's name on the Rickenbacker Forum. I sent an email off to him and surprise, he remembers me! Good golly! He still has my guitar. I could not believe this, so to make a long story longer, he tells me that he could assemble it and make it chime again! Well, last week he sent "her" back home, intact, and better than new! Amazing, to say the least, don't you think? While I have related this story to you here, I have to say that the feelings I have experienced with the return of this Rickenbacker are beyond words! Believe me, this "baby" sings! It is a "Miracle From Seattle". Amen. ~ Anon ~

"Let Earth Receive Her King"
Note Alder Body
Blonde 1957 Combo 800

"Heaven and Nature"
Note Maple Neck
Blonde 1957 Combo 800

"Repeat The Sounding Joy"
View of Coil
Blonde 1958 Combo 800

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