Rick-O-Sound Notes:

The section of the Technical Page provides information regarding the Rick O Sound feature available in some Rickenbacker Models. There is a detailed write up describing this at the Rickenbacker International Corporation Website. which is located in the links section of the Rickenbacker Registration Page. The information presented here was taken from responses made to the alt.guitar.rickenbacker Newsgroup." Please be advised that the best authority with respect to Rick O Sound is Rickenbacker International Corporation.

From Greg Skinner: alt.guitar.rickenbacker
Posted on April 08, 1999

"You need a Stereo 1/4" Male to two Mono 1/4" female Y cable. Stereo cable end has a Tip-Ring-Sleeve configuration, where Mono end only has Tip-Sleeve. Tip is Bridge pickup, Ring is Neck pickup and Sleeve is signal ground Relative to the Rick-O-Sound jack. Make sure that the cable you get splits the Tip and the Ring signals, with each signal going to its own Mono cable end. You may have to hand build this cable, as I can't seem to find anyone that stocks it. Quality parts are readily available at Radio Shack."

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