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1998 4001V63 and Early 1970's TR35B
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Please send in information regarding the type of strings currently on your Rickenbacker instrument and the type of amplifier that you currently play this instrument through. In order to submit your information using the following form you will need to have your system configured so that there is an association between your email and your web browser. After filling in the information just click on the "Send" button. The information will be sent through email but it will not be removed from the form until you click on the "Clear" button. After clearing the information you may then send a second response. Should you have difficulty using this form, the quickest method to register is to submit your information in an email message. The email link is provided after the form at the bottom of this page. Results of this poll will be displayed on this page as sufficient data becomes available.

Please Note: Each guitar is paired with an amplifier and a string type so that the number of entries is equal. In some cases, only one string type and amplifier is reported with multiple guitar entries and so the string type or amplifier type may be counted on more than one occasion. Without some restriction on the manner in which the data is analyzed it becomes obvious that there are a substantial number of permutations in some cases. While the Rickenbacker Registration Page does not want to mislead the interested tried and true Rickenbacker researcher, it must be remembered that "If you torture your data long enough, they will confess to anything." The raw data is also posted so that statistical wizards are able to conduct their own analyses.

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