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"Maxwell's Silver Hammer"
1987 320 Silver
Photo courtesy of Scott Wilburn

Technical Information:

This page enables you to select from a number of sources of technical information submitted to the Rickenbacker Registration Page. This information may include any aspect related to a Rickenbacker instrument that you may consider would be of interest to other enthusiasts. The Registration Page assumes no responsibility whatsoever for problems that might be encountered by individuals who make changes to their instruments using this information. It is offered here because some persons have found it to be of value in their own personal situation. To be safe, consult an experienced guitar technician familiar with your instrument prior to implementing any changes based on information posted to this page. This information was submitted to the alt.guitar.rickenbacker newsgroup or to the Rickenbacker Registration Page and is considered to be in the public domain. Should you find that the following comments credited to you are inaccurate or should you wish to have them removed, please email the Registration Page.

Current Information Sources

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