Eddie Rothe

"It's Time To Light The Lights"
Eddie Rothe and Friend Take a Break
Photo 2000 Jenny Mussell

Eddie Rothe's Comments and Background Information

"Since Mud (with whom I played for over ten years in the 1980s) split up, I had not been much in the music business, apart from the occasional gig here and there. I had, however, known Spencer James for some while, and when Billy Adamson announced out of the blue that he was leaving, Spencer asked me if I would be interested in joining the Searchers, even if only on a trial basis to start with. I had great difficulty in deciding - it took me all of two minutes! At the time I was working in a car spares factory, making windscreen wipers. I said, jokingly, even joining the Searchers has to be better than this."

From all reports, Eddie has fitted in with The Searchers amazingly well. His first live show with the Searchers took place only after a couple of days rehearsals, and has brought new life - and an extra harmony voice - to the group. It is reported that Frank and John are delighted with him. He affable disposition is acknowledged and appreciated by musicians and fans alike. Eddie also played for Liquid Gold. For more information pertaining to Eddie Rothe the interested reader is encouraged to visit The Searchers' Forum. Thanks to Ms. Wendy Burton and Mr. Tim Viney for liason and to Ms. Jenny Mussell for the terrific photo.

"In Harmony"
Eddie Rothe (1998)
Photo 1998 Wendy Burton

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