30 September


Rickenbacker Model 4003 Bass In Fireglo

By Timothy C. Langford Covering the Basses No Comments

There’s just something about the way a Rickenbacker looks.

I’ve had my Rickenbacker 4003 fireglo bass since May 12, 2000. I kept the factory strings on until June 27, 2002, and it sounded good with those strings. After reading the forum for a while, I got the urge to try Pyramid gold flatwound strings on it. Man, this is the sound! If you like McCartney, then put some Pyramids on and you won’t be sorry. I had to adjust the truss rods half a turn tighter, lower the action, and reset the bridge saddles for proper pitch. The hardest thing was getting over the fear of screwing something up on my bass, but I got through it just fine.

Now, my bass sounds as good as it looks. There’s just something about the way a Rickenbacker looks. No other bass looks anything like it, which is one of the reasons I was attracted to it. The finish is superb, and it plays wonderfully. Once it’s in tune, it stays there. The neck is a bit heavier than the body, so it can tend to want to drop a bit when on a strap. Overall, it’s a great bass! I had never seen or heard one in person before I ordered mine, but I wasn’t disappointed when I got it. I love it.
– Timothy C. Langford –