30 September


Model 4003/8FL Rickenbacker Bass

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My 4003S/8FL – One of a Kind

This is the only fretless 8-string bass ever produced by Rickenbacker. It is serial #FO8772, made in June 1987. In additional to being fretless, it is also unusual in that the neck and body are both bound, and it has the stereo electronics. Rickenbacker custom made this bass and the fretless 5-string for me after my local dealer persuaded them to build this at the NAMM show. Apparently sales of the newly re-introduced 5 and 8 string models were sluggish, and they needed more orders for these models. It is in the silver finish, which has developed a greenish cast. Actually its getting better looking with age!
~ Mark Rowe ~

1987 Model 4003/8FL Silver Body View

“Silver Threads”
1987 4003/8 Fretless
Photo ©2002 Mark Rowe


1987 Model 4003/8 FL Silver Full View

“One of a Kind”
1987 4003/8 Fretless
Photo ©2002 Mark Rowe