Some information on the Rickenbacker RA-600 Amplifier

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Some information on the Rickenbacker RA-600 Amplifier

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This is a litle discussion about a Rickenbacker RA-600 amplifier which was on sale on a Dutch Selling site. I took the liberty to delete some postings which where less informative in the discussion on this amp and leave the postings which are about it's sound and specs for future reference.
johnhall wrote:I have a couple of these amps. I used to use one along with a Line 6 Pod Pro for bass as my primary bass rig and I have to say it was pretty nice. However, after using someone else's Mark Bass Little Mark II, I simply had to get one of those instead, and along with an old RIC cabinet with an 18 and two 10's, I couldn't be happier.

Yes, the Pod Pro Bass has many more sounds, both in terms of EQ and speaker simulations, and you can't beat the power of the RA600, but the Mark Bass has exactly the sound I'm looking for and at about 6 lbs, my back couldn't be happier!

The RA 600 makes an awesome PA or club amp, however.
jps wrote:My LM II has become my go to amp, the Walter Woods amp is depressed. :lol:

There was an LM II at MARF III with the Traveler 102P cabinet, it sounded great, better than the SVT with 4-10 cab or the EBS HD350 and matching 4-10 cab.
berth wrote:I never tried MarkBass yet, but size and weight look very promising. Even small stairs are no fun with my B-115 so I'm not sure it will ever see road use again. It does make a not very practical but still very nice practice amp in the living room though. ;-) Some people think I have a Rickenbacker museum over here (with just 6 basses and 2 amps) so as a vintage piece of Rickenbacker equipment it is in the right place.

Back on topic. No one even placed a bid on the RA-600 yet so it is tempting for me to place a low bid. I just do not need it and can not see a usefull destination for it (yet?).
jps wrote:
berth wrote:I...can not see a usefull destination for it (yet?).
How about part of a stereo system?
johnhall wrote:I have one down in the studio driving stereo sub-woofers on the theater system- work very nicely for that!
berth wrote:I wrote the seller of the RA-600 for a picture of the back and to ask how much it weighs. It weighs 25 kg and there are no speakon or jack outputs as far as I can see. So as a stereo system for Bass it just is not very practical i.m.h.o.. As a Hifi/Stereo amp for home use I dont need it. I think I'll leave collecting Rickenbacker Amplifiers at just the B-115 and the RB120. I guess that's more than many other Rickenbacker Bass players will ever have. ;-)
jps wrote:What are the speaker connections, then? Binding posts?
berth wrote:
jps wrote:What are the speaker connections, then? Binding posts?
I have no clue what binding posts are. Offcourse I have google skills, but you might like to see for yourself so I attached a picture of the back.
johnhall wrote:Binding post/dual banana plug connections of the audiophile variety.
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