USA to AUS shipping question

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Re: USA to AUS shipping question

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I wonder how it's been affected by the US withdrawal from the UPU.
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Re: USA to AUS shipping question

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4004cii wrote:
The interparcel quote was much cheaper and it said it was through UPS. Just had never heard of them before. Just so conflicted at the moment because of all the stuff going on. If it's better to go directly with the UPS/ FEDEX/DHL
For better accountability or does it not matter because companies like interparcel use UPS
Interparcel (and all the other parcel competitors in that category) are merely shipping consolidators.

You know how large shipment volume companies get a big price break from UPS/FedEx/DHL and the like? It's that same principle, but expanded even further. Interparcel never handles your package, they simply get a massive discount from UPS, make a cut off the top selling the service to consumers. We process the shipment (essentially using Interparcel's UPS account number), then the parcel goes straight into the hands of UPS for the rest of the journey.

To me, that's a good thing. I trust UPS and FedEx more than the parcel companies, so if all you're doing is using their account number for a discount, it's worth it.

The only snag is if there is some kind of claim issue, it has to go through Interparcel. I'm sure it's usually fine but they have a list of restricted items and musical instruments is one of them - they'll carry musical instruments no problem, but on a "no compensation" basis. Depends on the instrument, sometimes it's worth the risk.
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Re: USA to AUS shipping question

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Thank you so much for your wisdom & guidance
Got some serious thinking to do, interparcel and pack and send quote are $300+ different ( interparcel = 458 AUD. Pack and send = 790AUD ).

Pack and send looks like they offer insurance on musical instrument also they have physical offices in Australia which I take comfort in knowing that if anything goes wrong I have a place of direct contact
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