Skunks are back

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Skunks are back

Post by scotty »

Absolutely marvelous I'm a big fan of the Skunk Stripe.
Now bring back Burgundyglo and let's boogie.
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Re: Skunks are back

Post by jdogric12 »

Neat! I wonder what the reason is.
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Re: Skunks are back

Post by espidog »

Could it have anything to do with the new single truss rod, maybe?
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Re: Skunks are back

Post by Ratwax »

Hi Folks. I'm guessing is it's for aesthetics. There will be some structural improvement in having a skunk stripe of a different timber (walnut?), but not that much over the 2-piece necks. Also, there are plenty of 1-piece neck 4003s out there that are very stable, like my '03 model. Skunks are not generally seen on mass-produced basses and will further set the RIC apart based on apparent build quality.

To my way of thinking the changes we've seen in the last few years add up to addressing some of the complaints from people who don't use Rickenbacker basses, as well as some of the feedback from the RIC fan community. The push-pull tone pot, the V2 bridge, single trussrods, unlacquered fretboards and now skunk stripes. Add in the recent 4003/5S and the Natural Walnut range and it feels like a substantial pivot for the brand in the market. That's my 2-cents worth.

What's left after this? Retiring ROS and going to single output across the range? Removing the bridge pickup surround and streamlining the appearance? Both of these would be controversial. The only remaining elephant in the room is the price, but I don't see the company going that far.

Perhaps retire ROS as it is now by using a single stereo output and another push-pull pot to switch between the modes?


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Re: Skunks are back

Post by cheyenne »

Long live the skunk! :wink:

Toaster pickup and checker binding is all we need. :wink: :wink:
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Re: Skunks are back

Post by lumgimfong »

I am glad they went to single truss rod!
Very cool!
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Re: Skunks are back

Post by WillyWonka »

I like the look, too bad I don’t need any more instruments…
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Re: Skunks are back

Post by jps »

WillyWonka wrote: Tue Jan 11, 2022 10:41 pm I like the look, too bad I don’t need any more instruments…
That's a joke, right? :wink:
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Re: Skunks are back

Post by rickinroma »

Never liked it
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