Rickenbacker 4001 restauration

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Rickenbacker 4001 restauration

Post by J_vanvoorst »

Last year i bought a Rickenbacker 4001 in bad state. It has been in storage for almost 30 years.

Picture one: Ugly sticker (first action was to remove the sticker), ugly pickguard, fake knobs, dirty bass.
Picture two: Neck crack

I cleaned al the parts, bought a replacement pickguard. Next step: to my luthier. He did a great job:
- The neck crack is fixed
- The frets are crowned
- The bass has a lovely setup

Picture three: Bass in current condition
Picture four: The repaired neck

The bass is from '78 and has a lovely neck. It is a real player, and i'm very happy with the end result!
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Re: Rickenbacker 4001 restauration

Post by StereoPlayer »

Very cool! Nice repair!
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Re: Rickenbacker 4001 restauration

Post by doctorwho »

StereoPlayer wrote: Fri Jan 14, 2022 9:24 pm Very cool! Nice repair!
+!! 8)
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Re: Rickenbacker 4001 restauration

Post by thisismusicinc »

Good to see you've got it back in shape!
I've got a even more banged up '78 4001, and it is also a great player.
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