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Discuss the early days of the Club with the manager.
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Iron Door Club Group

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Please take the opportunity to watch this recording session and interview with the Iron Door Club on the Beat on the BBC in 2010. This young group was composing and recording music in the style of the 1960s. The group took its name from the Club founded by Geoffrey Hogart and his partner Ormesher. The most refreshing and uplifting 10 minutes that you can spend. The Fab Four started out in a similar way so I am wondering where the Iron Door Club are now. The interview is still available on you tube premium. Its old url is below.

A recording from 2011 Til The End
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Re: Iron Door Club Group

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Hi Geoff,

Thanks for getting back to me, i really am greatful!

My interest in The Iron Door all started when i studied at Liverool John Moores University & i fell in love with the MerseyBeat sound of the 60s with obvious bands like, The Beatles, The Searchers, The Undertakers etc etc. After studying for 3 yeras and completing University i moved back to Derby & formed a band with two other fellow musicians.

We were struggling to find a name for our band after our old name had to be changed. I introduced my band to the sonic pleasures of The Searchers of which they fell in love with. We then embarked on researching The Searchers and found their regular haunt for gigs was The Iron Door CLub, if i am not mistaken?

We instantly thought this was a great name for our own band, as we all love the 60s, music, art, fashion, culture.. everything really.

whenever we do gigs or get a bit of press they seem to use The Beatles connection, because i read on the internet (not the best of sources i know!) that they did their first gig there as The Beatles rather than The Silver Beatles.

We named our band after your music club in a City that caught my mind & imagination.

Upon returning to Liverpool on occasion, either with the band or socialy, i often go to find the Iron Door but i think it's all boared up now!!...well thats what i saw on temple Street!!! I might of been in the wrong place though!

I just wanted to make contact with you really & see if you have any stories/pictures/info about the place as i cant find much anywhere. The place really intregues me. I also wrote to you to let you know that Iron Door Club lives on, even if it is in a different city!!

If you would like some of our songs sending you are more than welcome.

Look forward to your reply.


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