Rickenbacker TR 25 Guitar Amp.

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Re: Rickenbacker TR 25 Guitar Amp.

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Can anyone explain what the fabled 'Bounce Back' circuitry was all about? Some sort of trickery that made the TR amps sound 'louder', or something.
I distinctly remember the phrase being used in adverts I saw in the early/mid 1980s, like it was a big selling point.
Extra info - I bought my TR25 from the famous Hessy's music shop in Liverpool at the time (1983-84-85?) They ran adverts in the UK music papers offering the TR7, TR25, TR75... was there a TR100?.... I think they had bought up a large range of Rick amps, possibly old stock from the 70s?!
But their ads made a big deal about the 'Bounce Back Circuit' feature, without actually saying what it meant.
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Re: Rickenbacker TR 25 Guitar Amp.

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Bounce Back...
Many people wondering about this (various internet-forums), and by looking at the schematic, many people concluded it must have been some marketing phrase.

The power supply looks fully conventional.

Perhaps the thing that every solid state guitar amplifier 'should' do (use current feedback, or at least a bit of it, so then in some mixture with voltage feedback... it's easily spotted by one of the speaker-terminals not being grounded, but 'lifted' from ground by a small resistor) is here marketed as that Bounce Back... but it's not related to the power supply, which I thought the marketing-quote was connected to.

Do note though that the power-amp of the TR25 has _two_ feedback paths back to the virtual earth power-amp input. By just looking at the topology, you could see these as one for voltage feedback, one for current feedback. Most solid state guitar amp power stages just use the current feedback path.

How all this relates to Bounce Back.... perhaps the speaker-response, counter-action of it ... kind of inspired, or justified the term - but again, it's most likely just pleasant sounding marketing talk.

But who knows if the Rickenbacker-people themselves have some recollection of what it could have been about.
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Re: Rickenbacker TR 25 Guitar Amp.

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Funnily enough, I was just talking about mine with someone yesterday.
I have a TR25 which I bought on a whim at a guitar fair; I left it at the stand whilst I went and looked around and when I got back I practically had to wrestle it off someone who was playing through it.
I don't have a Ric guitar, but as soon as I plugged a Strat in I knew precisely what sound the amp was designed for; a 12-string through that would be fantastic.
Steer clear of the distortion on it though - it's a pretty grim tranny implementation.
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Re: Rickenbacker TR 25 Guitar Amp.

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prowla wrote: Mon Jun 20, 2022 2:18 am Funnily enough, I was just talking about mine with someone yesterday.
When I first read this I thought you had said, "Funnily enough, I was just talking with mine about someone yesterday." :mrgreen:
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