'Can You Hear Us?' - Rya

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'Can You Hear Us?' - Rya

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Not really a video, just audio on youtube with the lyrics.

We were rehearsing a new song called 'Chelsea's in love' and the bass player liked his part on the middle 8 so much he suggested we wrote a song around it. So we started jamming around the middle 8 chords and that's how this was written. The recording is quite lo-fi because all the music, with the exception of an overdubbed lead guitar, was recorded on a mobile phone. The phone wasn't placed with any care as there was no intention of using the recording, it just lay on a chair in front of the band. So the drums, bass and r.guitar are all on the same track.
When I started messing with the recording at home to find a vocal melody I realised it needed a bridge, so at the next rehearsal we recorded the bass and drums for a bridge I wrote using the mobile phone again. Two guitars were overdubbed onto this new section. I then spliced the recording of the bridge into the recording of the verses. The track did have a proper beginning that we quite good, but I just preferred the ww2 radio broadcast.
I don't know if this is any good really, but I quite like it.

As always, I played my Rickenbacker 330. The bass player used his Fender Jazz bass.
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