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Gene Clark

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The Gene Clark Fyve~Eight Miles High

Roger McGuinn Gene Clark CBC Toronto

The Byrds's "Eight Miles High": 12 String Guitar Lesson

I jsut thought of something. I recall reading something about Roger McGuinn adding a third middle pickup to his Rick, which wasn't used when he played it. I don't know if that's true of rnot. I haven't read anything else about it. One thing I thought of is that adding another pickup would tend to increase the magnetic field under the strings and give more magnetic damping. On one guitar I had years ago, one pickup I had on it had a strong magnetic field and helped give it a jangly effect along with using microphonic tubes placed close to the speaker.
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Re: Gene Clark

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In the new Rickenbacker book Roger said he had the middle pickup added because he thought it looked cool, but that he only used the bridge pickup.
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Re: Gene Clark

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Yep - the "Byrd" wiring would have the 3 way switch wired to select each pickup one at a time. None of the normal "neck/both/bridge" stuff most of us are used to.
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Re: Gene Clark

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I have also read that Roger added the third pick-up because John Lennon's Rickbacker(s) all had 3 pickups, and Roger liked the look of that.
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