Ric Luthier in Minneapolis MN Area

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Ric Luthier in Minneapolis MN Area

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Can anyone recommend a really good Rickenbacker luthier in the Minneapolis / St. Paul Minnesota area? Specifically I am considering adding a 12-saddle bridge to a 2002 360/12. I have seen some pictures of those bridges and it looks like it requires some extremely precision cutting to get the strings spaced so that it doesn't make it any harder to play than it already is. I wish I could remember where I saw the picture, just to be able to show the luthier how it should be.

Also considering a wider spaced nut. I think some of these both reduce the space between the octave strings and increase the space between the pairs. I mentioned this to a couple luthiers I have used in the past for other guitars and they balked at the notion. "Reducing the space between octave strings will cause interference" they said.

I replaced the nut on my 2002 360/12 a few years ago with the newer one that Rickenbacker sells. It helped quite a bit, but I still have problems with certain chords. Does anyone know if the Arnquist or Rickysounds versions are any better than the newer Rickenbacker 12-string nuts?
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