1958 Combo 850 tribute.

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1958 Combo 850 tribute.

Post by 8mileshigher »

Dom --- you do real nice work on all your guitar projects. I am looking forward to seeing more pics and reading more posts as this 8) Combo Tribute comes to fruition.
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Re: 1958 Combo 850 tribute.

Post by Dom »

I wish this one had worked out as well as the 800. We moved in 2019…no shopspace or studio yet. Working on both. The blue one was the only guitar that got damaged when we moved. In the meantime the world kinda fell apart for a bit there. I really want to use the horseshoe in my 350 project but I have been worried about making the neck joint weak if I do. The 350 mid pup route would need filling in with wood so opaque paint was the only option. Also, no German carve.

I’m going to have another go at the ‘ol faux combeaux. The wood in this blue body was noticeably weaker than the previous combo 800 that I had made and recorded with. How bad? The strings saw through the wood when you tune it.

This body is tiny, and it’s all neck…like a Stienbacker. I have a Carlo Robeli (same Washburn idolesque shape) that’s closer to the mark size wise so I’m going to carve that one. More space to layout controls too. I was originally going to use it as the basis for a 350 shaped hybrid guitar similar to the acoustasonics but with an actual ladder braced top. I won’t know until I get a chance to plane the body. If the wood is presentable I may try an amber fireglo… maybe candy fireglo over silver. Royal turquoise is always there if I don’t like the results. If the wood is just too junk to carve then I’ll end up doing that acoustasonic hybrid couch guitar with a spruce top and f holes.
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Re: 1958 Combo 850 tribute.

Post by iiipopes »

Dom wrote: Sat Jun 15, 2019 1:56 am
jps wrote:If that's your preference, so be it! :mrgreen:
Make it so! I wore Picard's uniform & had my red 350 at my last band’s final show. Unfortunately our gear malfunctioned due to repeated tachyon field emanations. Facepalm.

On hiatus...forced break from working on stuff. Chomping at the bit...gonna be worth it.
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