Ebony Fingerboards

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Ebony Fingerboards

Post by K9-4026 »

Is a RIC with an Ebony fingerboard something you can order?
Have they done this before?
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Re: Ebony Fingerboards

Post by iiipopes »

You cannot order an instrument with an ebony fingerboard. That said, the 4002 bass (yes, "2," not "1" or "3") had an ebony fingerboard stock. Here is mine, with an Ibby I owned for awhile to try to get a 5-string version of a 4002. That didn't work out so well, but I have another frankenbass wtih a 33-inch neck that I use instead when I need a B string.
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Re: Ebony Fingerboards

Post by doctorwho »

IIRC, there is a one-off guitar that has an ebony fretboard, early 2000s.
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Re: Ebony Fingerboards

Post by arbiter »

Some of the SPCs and other limited runs had ebony as well:

https://reverb.com/item/25619973-2017-r ... uble-bound
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Re: Ebony Fingerboards

Post by collin »

There was another one-off guitar made in 1968 with an ebony fretboard (a jetglo 366/12 OS with converter comb). It recently surfaced and sold on Reverb.

Ebony is not generally used for normal production Ricks, only some special runs and one-offs.
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