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We Five

Post by Tube_Fan »

In this video you can see that one of the guitarists has a 12 string Rick.
We Five- You Were On My Mind 1965
(note the Ric at the end of the url)

The slots in the headstock are easier to see in this video.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=29uNvGH ... rt_radio=1

The Rick is easier to see here

and here
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Re: We Five

Post by beatbyrd »

Hi, I put up a YouTube channel where I add a new one of my cover song videos every 5 days. A couple of weeks ago, I put up my video of the We Five song. My 360-12 is plain to hear on the song, but isn't shown on the video. Both of my 360s make plenty of appearances in my other song videos.

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Re: We Five

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Tom: You nailed this song. Absolutely spectacular. Great instrumentation and killer harmonies. Thanks for linking to the RRF.
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