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     Jul 01 2010
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     New Zealand
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     from TradeMe.co.nz, (listing ended, 2 July, 2010):
    "I bought this guitar in 2000 in the UK. Although the guitar is a collectable it is a work horse! It is a guitar that needs to be played! Tuners, knobs (2), and some wiring have been replaced ... other than that all original! And have a look at the case another classic from 1964!"
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    Rickenbacker 1997/6 Refin, Fireglo: Full Instrument - Front
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     Full Instrument - Front
  •   This item was identified as a Early vintage (up to and including 1972) instrument
      The following is a summary of sales of above referenced model gathered from actual sales on eBay:
      *Basis for comparison: Same model, same strings number, same "special" features, same era

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      Same model, same era:   $1979  $2223  $0  $2467  2