WARNING: Item is reported to be stolen!!!

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     Aug 07 2013
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     This '69 4001 was stolen in 1976 and never recovered. It was completely naked and ready for refinishing by the guitar tech that set up a confidence scam in Aspen/ Snowmass, Colorado. I still have all the electronics, hardware, including the jack plate w/S#. Watch for a checkered 4001 with the incorrect jack plate/ ID, There will be screw holes and possibly some routing where two Jazz Bass pickups had been installed. Can't miss it.

    This scam artist set up shop in Aspen and then left with many, many, prize guitars from local musicians, the Eagles, Buffet and more. After 35 years, I still want that base back, damnit.
     Item is reported to be stolen!!!
  •   This item was identified as a Early vintage (up to and including 1972) instrument
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