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     Nov 25 2017
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     This is an original 1967 Rickenbacker 1996 Rose Morris body and neck. Original pickguard, roller brigde, jack plate, and tailpiece. Vintage toasters and all remaining parts have been reinstalled on this guitar. This instrument had a damaged front and separating fretboard. All repairs were professionally done and the patched area between the bridge and middle pickups was very successfully color matched with conversion varnish to the remaining original fireglo finish.
     Item is reported to be butchered and sold as parts!!!
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    Rickenbacker 1996/6 RoMo, Fireglo: Body - Front Rickenbacker 1996/6 RoMo, Fireglo: Free image
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     Body - Front
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  •   This item was identified as a Early vintage (up to and including 1972) instrument
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