Rebel With A Cause:

by Peter McCormack

I am a bit of a rebel with a cause

"Just Like Me"
Tony Jackson in 1996
Photo 1996 The Beat Goes On Magazine

Part One: I'm A Rock and Roller

Sweet Memories of June 1963

"I'm a Rock and Roller" Anthony (Tony) Paul Jackson emphasized as he spoke of the excitement that he experienced whilst watching "Sweets For My Sweet" rise to the top of the charts in June 1963. Nearly 40 years later, his memories appeared to be as fresh and vivid as if the events had taken place yesterday. How had he felt hearing his voice on the radio rocket the Searchers to number one? In a Buddly Holly heartbeat, he replied "Brilliant. But I did think I would have liked to re-record it. A slower version like The Drifters did." Spontaneously, Tony broke into song demonstrating a charming a cappella version with a noticeably slower tempo "Sweets for my sweet, Sugar for my honey, Your first sweet kiss thrills me so." His voice was as distinct and recognizable as it was in the demo recordings made at the Iron Door on Temple Street early in 1963.

From the very beginning of this July 14, 2002 interview, Tony Jackson spoke his mind with regard to times good and bad at the height of The Searchers' fame and fortune. Affable and sincere throughout, he hastened to remind "I am a bit of a rebel with a cause." To be sure, he remained true to this self-characterization generously providing much insight into his life as a Searcher. His free-wheeling, anecdotal and extemporaneous comments confirmed what most Liverpudlians have known since the early 1960s. Tony Jackson is an entertainer, through and through. He welcomed any and all questions and after even the briefest of pauses encouraged "Well, let's go! Come on then! What else?"

Part Two: American Music Influences

Sweets For My Sweet - Number 1 in June 1963

The Searchers in 1963
L to R: McNally, Jackson and Pender (standing)
Chris Curtis (kneeling)


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 July 21, 2002
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Tony Jackson and MIKE PENDER'S SEARCHERS in 1995Part Two: American Music Influences

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