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CS Sound Amp Options

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Hi; new to this forum but the last year of COVID renewed my interest in playing bass (playing Chris Squire bass parts to be specific) so I resurrected my Univox Rick copy purchased back in 1983 in Times Square. After playing it for the first time since my college band days I decided I had the time and inclination to finally take my playing seriously. Its currently being refurbed but I wanted to start looking for biamp options to utilize the "Rick-O-Sound" feature. I'm not a professional or even an amateur musician by any means, I just enjoy the instrument and want to elevate my playing while playing for Chris. Like a lot of people on this forum I've been a fan of his skill and sound with Yes; and unlike years ago, the Internet has made it a lot easier to learn his bass lines. So, I would appreciate moderately-priced suggestions for a guitar and bass amp combo that I can use to get close to that incredible sound, realizing that there are limitations. I really don't want to use software ala Richie Castellano; I'm just not in that head space. I'm going to buy a real Rick in the near future, probably a mono 4003s because I prefer the dot inlays, but for now I'd like to take advantage of the stereo on my copy. Thanks!
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Re: CS Sound Amp Options

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Like your username!
For home use you could try finding online a Line 6 Guitar Pod 2.0 for the treble output. Second hand they are around £80 and easy to find in good condition.These little units have valve amp models,cabs and effects (tremelo chorous and fuzz should cover most Yes stuff) that are close enough to get you on the way to the Squire sound.(I have the original Bass Pod but if you need the effects above the guitar version has more effects and remember most valve amps are good for “Squire” bass whether it says “Bassman” “Showman” or “Superbass” or “Superlead” on the plate). Buy the Bass Pod if you cant find a good guitar Pod and you might need to add a tremelo pedal if you do. Tremelo is very key to parts of the CS sound and the Guitar Pod has tremelo onboard.
For the neck pickup try the Ampeg Analog Bass preamp. Its around £75 in most shops and will give you the rich bottom end to complete your sound. Its a great mono di pedal in its own right.
Now depending on how much volume you can get away with at home you could either buy a small mixer for £70 or so and mix both outputs plus your Yes track together and listen on headphones or buy a powered monitor such as an Alto TS210. These are about £260 or so. That way you can play along to your Youtube tv or Hi Fi without putting the bass through such small speakers.
If you have the powered speaker and no mixer you can simply plug each pickup into its own input and dial the level as you like it.
Thats about as basic as you could go expenditure wise I think.
The advantage of modelling is that you dont need a dedicated bass guitar amp to produce the sound. Believe me I have bought everything on the market over the years and still used my Line 6 Bass Pod for headphone practice.
Recently I bought the Line 6 Helix Rack for live use primarily because it has two independent channels and I now have a Fender Showman or Ampeg SVT4 at my disposal at the flick of a switch.
I hope my budget start up will save you enough cash to enable you to buy that 4003s. Check out the stuff Ive described and see what you think.
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