No Reply: Preserving History of The Beatles

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This section is really a site within the Rickenbacker Resource Page with some articles using a design that departs somewhat from the usual format. The Project gets its name from the many letters, emails and telephone calls to “people in the know” that have met with NO REPLY.

Thanks to all those who have provided information for this most interesting project. Your comments are always welcome including critiques of any of the views expressed here.

17 November


Baby’s In Black: Refinishing The Most Famous Rickenbacker

By Peter McCormack No Reply: Preserving History of The Beatles No Comments

Part 1: Oh Dear What Can I Do?   An Incredible Journey he article attempts to explain the details surrounding the refinishing of John Lennon’s 1958 Rickenbacker guitar, the instrument that has become synonymous with the sound of the British Invasion. The reseach associated with answering questions required to prepare this article has been extensive […]