09 October


Addiction to Rickenbackers

By Peter McCormack Rickenbacker Articles No Comments

"Your Mother Should Know" 1958 Model 365 and 1963 Model 375 Photo courtesy of John Williams

“Your Mother Should Know”
1958 Model 365 and 1963 Model 375
Photo courtesy of John Williams

Some Signs of Rickenbacker Addiction

Here are some criteria against which you may be able to assess a potential or longstanding Rickenbacker Addiction. I need not tell you what could happen should this information get into the wrong hands. The good news is that you can be treated. The bad news is that if you are in the position to read this post then the addiction is probably well under way. This post will self-destruct the second you are finished reading. Do NOT copy and leave around home.

Signs of Rickenbacker Addiction

    1. A persistent difficulty in resisting the impulse to engage in viewing, talking about or playing Rickenbackers.
    2. Noticing an increased sense of tension just before the Rickenbacker activity.
    3. A sense of pleasure or relief at the time of the Rickenbacker activity .
    4. The presence of the following features:
      a. Frequent preoccupation with Rickenbackers
      b. Rickenbacker viewing to a greater extent or over a longer period than intended
      c. Repeated effort to either reduce or control Rickenbacker activities
      d. A substantial period of time recovering the effects of viewing, talking about or playing Rickenbackers
      e. Frequently engaging in Rickenbacker activities even when expected to carry out obligations of a social, vocational, academic or domestic nature
      f. A reduction in important social, vocational or recreational activities due to Rickenbacker activity
      g. Continuing to engage in Rickenbacker activities in spite of the knowledge that the behaviour leads to recurrent social, financial, emotional or physical problems
      h. The apparent need to increase the intensity or frequency of the Rickenbacker activity in order to have the same “Rick” feeling
      i. A noticeable restlessness or irritability if prohibited from engaging in Rickenbacker viewing, dialog or playing.
    5. The above signs have persisted for at least one month or has occurred repeatedly over a longer period.