19 September


Close Encounter with a Model 350SH

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“Ob-la-di, ob-la-da”
A beautiful pair of 1991 350SH’s
Photos courtesy of Mike Parks

Model 350 “Susanna Hoffs” Highlights:

Over the period 1988-1991, Rickenbacker crafted the Susanna Hoffs’ Signature Limited Edition. The guitar obviously gets its name from Ms. Hoff’s who performed with “The Bangles.” This exquisitely beautiful model had the artist’s signature and the “Limited Edition” notation on the two-tier white plastic pickguard. The instrument is most striking with the Jetglo finish contrasting nicely with the white pickguard and nameplate and the checked binding. Other features included: a glued-in neck, a bound 24 fret fingerboard with a six saddle bridge and classic Rickenbacker “R” tailpiece.

"Jetglo Magic" Beautifully bound Model 350SH Photo courtesy of Viki Temesvary

“Jetglo Magic”
Beautifully bound Model 350SH
Photo courtesy of Viki Temesvary

In the above closeup, the contrasting black and white features make it quite evident why this instrument has been a most coveted Rickenbacker. This instrument has sold for as high as $2000. to 3000. US over the past few years. The famous “R” tailpiece is really shown off on this instrument as are the triangle fret-markers. The three-pickups are also highly attractive, one of which is a humbucker in the bridge position. Toaster pickups are seen in the middle and neck positions. The controls for these pickups consist of two volume and two tone knobs, a fifth or blend knob and a three-way selector switch. Information from “The Rickenbacker Book” by Bacon and Day, indicates that there were only four left-handed instruments and 246 right-handed made in the Limited Edition of 250.


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