27 October


Coveting The Comstock

By Peter McCormack Rickenbacker Recollections No Comments

"This Magic Moment" 2000 Model 700/12 Comstock

“This Magic Moment”
2000 Model 700/12 Comstock
Photo courtesy of Dusan Palka

Dusan Palka’s Recollections:

T his short story is dedicated to the guitar for which I have waited for for almost three years. I have to admit it was well worth the wait. This beauty sports amazing maple sides and back, along withcheckered binding on the top and the bottom. It has a wide unpainted fingerboard with deluxe inlay and precision golden schaller mini tuners with great ratio. Perhaps best off all, it has great thin spruce top which looks to be x-braced. It all together sounds like a zillion bucks. It arrived in black green lined, molded original case with a yellow RIC logo on the top. Mike Parks ensured that it was well protected by having it packed in a big double shipping carton. Without a doubt, he is greatest guy on the planet to buy a Rickenbacker from.

Now for the important details. As far as the sound goes, hold your breath, this guitar can be compared only to the late sixties or early seventies Guild F612 which WAS the king of 12 string acoustics. Compared to the sound of this Guild-made 18′ inch bodied monster nightmare from a Herman Melville novel, my new Rickenbacker 700C (Comstock) 12 string has better clarity of sound and is far more responsive. What’s more, it doesn’t weight a ton.

It has great sustain and, if my memory serves me well, it rings like the bell ‘zikmund’ on St. Vitus cathedral in Prague, Czech Republic. Rickenbacker had used great material and it’s done the traditional way, to perfection. It’s absolutely flawless.

I’m very picky about acoustic guitars, but I am not afraid to say: this is the best 12 string acoustic made by a factory on the market today. Frankly I’d wish RIC would consider making a wider neck for the 360/12 and 660/12 so that I could buy another guitar.

Oh yes, it smells like all new ricks do, like an old rose.

~ Dusan Palka ~

"Window To Heaven" 2000 Model 700/12 Sound Hole

“Window To Heaven”
2000 Model 700/12 Sound Hole
Photo courtesy of Photo courtesy of Dusan Palka

"Maple Ribbon" 2000 Model 700/12 Side View

“Maple Ribbon”
2000 Model 700/12 Side View
Photo courtesy of Photo courtesy of Dusan Palka